Current Rulemaking

Municipal Water Fluoridation - Minnesota Department of Health

Groundwater Health Risk Limits - Minnesota Department of Health

NorthMet Permit - Department of Natural Resources

NorthMet CWA Section 401 Certification for USACE General Permits - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

  • NorthMet 401 certification is now open, and the comment period runs through March 16, 2018.

Wild Rice & Sulfate - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

  • In July 2017, MPCA proposed to change the rules related to the state's existing wild rice sulfate standard and wild rice waters.
  • Among other things, the rule proposed to change the current 10 mg/L rule to an equation-based water quality standard that accounts for a number of factors, including the amount of iron in a body of water. The rule also proposed to establish a new classification specific to wild rice waters (Class 4D), distinct from the current classification within the broader Class 4 Agricultural and Wildlife class.
  • On January 11, 2018, an Administrative Law Judge denied the MPCA's proposed rule changes.

Water Quality Standards and Tiered Aquatic Life Uses (TALU) - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

  • MPCA's TALU framework amendments to state water quality standards, contained in Minnesota Rules Chs. 7050 and 7052, became effective on October 23, 2017.