Environmental Quality Board Rules

Chapter 4405:Operating Procedures
Chapter 4410:Environmental Review

Metropolitan Waste Control Commission Regulations

Chapter 5900:Industrial Cost Recovery System

Department of Natural Resources Water Regulations

Chapter 6105:Wild, scenic, and recreational rivers
Chapter 6110:Water safety; water surface use
Chapter 6115:Public water resources
Chapter 6116:Water aeration systems
Chapter 6120:Shoreland and floodplain management

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Water Regulations

Chapter 7050:Waters of the State
Chapter 7055:Interstate waters
Chapter 7056:Mississippi River and tributaries
Chapter 7060:Underground waters
Chapter 7065:Effluent standards for disposal systems
Chapter 7070:National pollutant discharge elimination system
Chapter 7075:State fund and federal grants
Chapter 7076:Clean water partnership financial assistance
Chapter 7077:Wastewater and stormwater treatment assistance
Chapter 7080:Individual sewage treatment systems program
Chapter 7100:Miscellaneous
Chapter 7105:Underground storage systems; training
Chapter 7150:Underground storage systems; program

Board of Water and Soil Resources Regulations

Chapter 8400:Cost-share program
Chapter 8405:Local water protection and management
Chapter 8410:Local water management
Chapter 8420:Wetland conservation

Water and Wastewater Treatment Operator Certification Council Regulations

Chapter 9400:Water treatment certification