Ditch law

Minnesota watershed governance

May a property be benefited by a ditch system without a direct discharge or physical connection to the system?

May a ditch authority accept a private wastewater discharge into a ditch system, and may it charge a volume-based fee to do so?

May a ditch authority award a construction contract for an improvement while a benefits and damages appeal is pending?

May a landowner challenge the benefits and damages assessment of another landowner, even if he is not challenging his own?

Did theBoard of Water and Soil resources act within its statutory authority in adopting a rule that does not allow an exemption from the state's wetland replacement requirement for ditch maintenance, if the ditch work will cause a loss of wetlands?

Is a ditch repair that will drain a public waters wetland exempt from department of natural resources approval and wetland replacement?

May ditch authorities compel the department of natural resources to pay assessments on "con-con" lands?

May a landowner obtain ditch repair in the district court without first exhausting administrative remedies through the drainage authority?

How may a drainage authority determine and assess benefits and costs of a project that combines ditch repair and improvement?

May a landowner challenge the benefit and damages assessment with respect to other properties when he is not challenging the assessment with respect to his own?

Must a public or private discharger to a downstream system obtain an outlet approval from the downstream ditch authority if it is increasing flow but not expanding the lands draining to the outlet?